Gage Brothers links with Park and Restroom Structures, Inc., to expand product line

Gage park restroom structures_COLORGage Brothers is set to expand its product portfolio with the introduction of Gage Park Restroom Structures. With this expansion, the company aims to diversify its business into the park and recreation industry.

Park and Restroom Structures, Inc. was founded in 2006 by industry veteran Nick Bianco and a group of investors. Based in Spokane (Wash.), the company has manufactured state-of-the-art, precast concrete public restrooms for park and recreational settings throughout the continental United States.

Gage Brothers recently purchased the intellectual property from Park Restroom Structures, Inc. Bianco relocated to Sioux Falls and will manage Gage Park Restroom Structures with a focus on the Upper Midwest.

Plumas Installation PhotoPrefabricated park restrooms offer many benefits over site-built construction, including reduced design costs and minimized site disruption. The fully ADA compliant restrooms are a permanent and economical solution for parks & recreation facilities, schools, transportation facilities, military bases and secured installations.

“The design of Gage Park Restroom Structures will provide maximum function in minimal space, with a focus on safety, accessibility, availability, low maintenance, attention to vandalism and aesthetics,” said Gage Brothers President Tom Kelley.

Gage Park Restroom Structures will be built in a controlled production environment and delivered to the site pre-assembled, pre-plumbed and pre-wired. The vault consists of a single piece of 5,000 psi steel-enforced concrete without cold joints or welds.

The buildings are designed with Sweet Smelling Technology (SST) guidelines developed by the USDA Forest Service for passive ventilation toilet designs to ensure sweet-smelling success. A vent pipe on the back of the structure faces south and when heated by the sun, generates a continual air flow through louvered vents located in the

”For people to be comfortable in a space, everything from cleanliness to lighting to security becomes part of the equation with aesthetics also being a vital part of the mix,” Kelley added.

Additional features of Gage Park Restroom Structures include:

  • The vault holds 1,700 plus gallons of waste and can be exposed to nearly 25,000 uses before the contents are required to be emptied.
  • The vault includes a heavy-duty black spray-on rubber liner on the inside to protect against leaks. The vault goes into use for 40 to 50 years.
  • Integrally colored concrete is reinforced with steel rebar and fibermesh to control cracking.
  • The structures are available in more than 25 earth tone colored staining options and a variety of textures.
  • Surfaces are coated with a clear anti-graffiti concrete sealer for protection from the
  • elements and vandalism.
  • Reduced front entry alcove walls allow for better sight access and safety as patrons approach or leave the facility.

23870027Gage Park Restroom Structures will initially offer two models, the Imperial Single “Unisex” Vault and Riverside Double Vault. More information on these new products can be found at


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